Monday, 30 July 2012

started new blog about Stratheden Hospital

I've started a new blog about Stratheden Hospital, near Cupar in Fife.  A psychiatric hospital in a lovely rural situation which houses many different wards and offices.  Treating people with mental ill health and in mental distress. 

I visited the hospital daily in February and March this year, and noticed areas of the grounds that were covered in cigarette butts, rubbish lying about and benches in dilapidated states.  After sending an Email to management about this in March nothing much was done about it, and by July it was even worse.  So I took more photos, Emailed management and forwarded the Email to newspapers.  Which has resulted in 2 articles in local press that at last has got results.

Many of the issues I highlighted have been addressed.  Although there are recurring problems with cigarette butts.  So I decided to start this blog to keep an eye on things and to report on improvements.

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