Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Scotland's new mental health strategy - a positive start

Scotland's new Mental Health Strategy was launched yesterday, setting out the government's objectives 2012-2015, towards improving mental health and treating 'mental illness'.  The challenge, achievements and policy context.  A brief summary:
  • 3 Quality Ambitions - person-centred, safe and effective health and care
  • 7 Key Themes 
    • Working more effectively with families and carers
    • Embedding more peer to peer work and support
    • Increasing the support for self management and self help approaches
    • Extending the anti-stigma agenda forward to include further work on discrimination
    • Focusing on the rights of those with mental illness
    • Developing the outcomes approach to include, personal, social and clinical outcomes
    • Ensuring that we use new technology effectively as a mechanism for providing information and delivering evidence based services 

A number of topics caught my eye on initial reading - crisis houses, focus on families and carers, self help and a move away from the 'illness' model. 
A positive start to potential improvements and shifting perspectives.  For the sake of you and I and all of us who experience problems of living that affect our mental health.

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