Thursday, 25 October 2012

straitjackets appearing

Have you ever had the feeling that straitjackets are about to appear, as in people wanting to restrict and restrain you, for daring to state an opinion contrary to the majority?  It happens sometimes to me and yesterday was another one of those occasions.  

In my experience it tends to happen when the group is small in number and limited in perspective.  Easier therefore to gang up on the person (group member) who has a different or opposing point of view.  It's a form of bullying and a misuse of power, in my opinion.  I describe it like having straitjackets at the ready, as attempts are made to dominate and control.

Most folk will back down from the straitjacket threat and this is probably a wise thing to do.  But there's something in me that won't back down and I get very annoyed by straitjackets appearing.  And sort of make things worse, by being funny or doing more non-conformist things, like taking out my Blackberry and saying that I'm doing a Facebook post about it.  Which gets everyone reaching for their straitjackets.

And I find myself surrounded by agitated and indignant people whose cages I have rattled.  I then say something about bringing sticky tape to the next meeting so I can put over my mouth to stop anything controversial coming out.  Feelings are running high.  And I'm still writing on my Blackberry.  Other folks' phones go off.  But that's OK because their messages are a priority while mine aren't.

Hierarchical shenanigans.  And a piece of nonsense.  Time for a sharp exit from this group.  Until the next time when the straitjackets appear.

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