Tuesday, 9 October 2012

the paradox of power and attempts to hold back the tide

There's something happening where I live that seems to be about to erupt or break free.  Despite the best efforts of an agency to hold back the tide.  Of anger and injustice.  Which bullying and intimidation hasn't managed to suppress.  And there's an inevitability of the outcome that some of us have seen from the outset.  But somehow in the corridors of power there hasn't been the same enlightenment.  I wonder why?

It's as if folk in perceived power think they can do what they like, even when in positions of public service.  As if they are now beyond the reach of the ordinary person, who pays their wages and to whom they should be accountable.  I'm continually amazed at the shenanigans that go on in statutory organisations where 'a job for life' seems to mean workers getting away with unprofessional practice.  And one-sided complaints processes that lack transparency

This story started off with an unwise move, a trickle in the dike, that looks like it's now become a raging torrent.  I say this as a spectator, having little to do with what now appears to be developing.  It's interesting and we can only watch and wait, to see the final curtain. 

I think that public sector agencies should always listen to the public, their customers.  It makes sense when you consider the consequences.  Especially when the voices are those of the oppressed who have nothing to lose, in their fight for justice.  For when you have nothing to lose then you are in a strong position.  The paradox of power. 

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