Tuesday, 20 November 2012

government funding and independence

I've been giving some thought to the dilemma of government funding and independent working.  And I do think it's a dilemma, when the organisation receiving government funding is under pressure to conform and subsequently becomes another arm or voice of the government.

I'm thinking specifically of national mental health organisations that may be funded to the tune of one million, half a million or a couple of hundred thousand pounds.  Organisations that seem to be under the influence of government when they should have a degree of independence and autonomy.  I'm really not impressed with the reinforcing of stigma, the hijacking of the recovery movement and members without portfolio.

Of course I realise that by saying these things I am at risk of accusations like "selfish and unreasonable".  But hey I'll risk it.

Perth Academy
Because I've always thought that it was important to have a voice, to be non-conformist and free.  It's what living in Scotland is all about it, in my opinion.  And I was born and brought up in Perth, the fair city, memories of a happy childhood, many and varied activities growing up and a good secondary education at Perth Academy.  Which set me off on a lifetime of learning.  Over 30yrs of community development and church work.  Now I'm 60 and look forward to more of the same.

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