Friday, 30 November 2012

"I am right, you are wrong" that's what they all say

[a quick blog post as I'm off out today and need to get my bacon and eggs ...]

Yesterday I joined with the Speak Out Against Psychiatry folks to protest at the conference on Perinatal Psychiatry, being held in Hallam Street, London.  A great time of solidarity with Cheryl Prax and her comrades, as we challenged the psychiatric drugging of mothers and children, and the use of ECT/electro shock in mental health treatment.

See 'bringing in the heavies at the perinatal psychiatry conference' blog post

For me it was an encouraging activity, in so many ways.  The sense of not being alone in my activism and campaigning.  Learning about ways to effectively demonstrate.  Engaging with psychiatrists and finding things in common.  Resisting the force and domination of the attitude that says "I am right, you are wrong", that pervades psychiatry and keeps us all, men and women, under their power.

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