Sunday, 25 November 2012

treatment resistant? no just useless treatment

I can't help it but I've got to say something about the term 'treatment resistant' in psychiatric settings.  It really gets on my wick when this is used.  As if a person is actually resisting the treatment.  Well, if they were then they wouldn't be swallowing the pills, which are the things that are not working or useless.

So stop blaming the patients for treatment that is not doing the job.  And I'm directing this at psychiatrists, the qualified, medical ones who have the letters after their name and insist that mental distress is biological.  [who's kidding who]

It's folk like me who resist the treatment and get it forced upon us.  Or we are compelled to take the psych drugs if we're unable by sleight of hand to palm and flush them away.  The best place for them, sorry to the fishes.  

It's bad enough to be in mental distress or low mood without being accused of trying to subvert the treatment in some way.  A double whammy on the patients who are already conforming and listening to daddy doctor, expecting him to take their pain away.  [I use daddy as a descriptor of the paternalistic psychiatric system]

I say "resist the treatment" and be worthy of the name "treatment resistant" then you'll find the label loses power and disappears away into the notes, never to be seen again, unless of course you get mad again ....

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