Monday, 3 December 2012

all talk and no action

Just had another meeting with NHS Fife clinical management folk, two of them, male, at Stratheden Hospital.  Topic of mental health quality improvement.  I've got to say it, can't help it, but a right waste of time for me.  A political exercise as in ticking a box.

We weren't on the same wavelength, they didn't really listen to what I was saying, lots of game playing and prevaricating.  Should have known.  And when I got into the meeting, the first thing the guy in charge says to me is "we've only got 45mins".  A real wind up and control manoeuvre.

I think that they will get nowhere with psychiatric service improvements until they really listen to users, survivors and carers, and set aside real time to do so.  Changing the name of it doesn't change the practice, in my experience.  That will require a complete change of attitude by NHS staff who should be public servants but who appear to only serve themselves.

Meanwhile it's us who are having to pick up the pieces after traumatic treatment.

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