Saturday, 22 December 2012

getting into the holiday mood and Scottish verse

A bit of light entertainment and laugh out loud, daft, poetry from The Wee King o the Midden - manky, mingin rhymes in Scots.  I'd got it as a Christmas gift for my grandson but think he may be a bit young, at 7yrs old, to appreciate some of the verses.  So I'm keeping it for myself as a wee present.  

Furry Hat

There wis an auld wifie
Wha bade in a flat
Wi a one-leggit parrot
An a flechy broon cat.

She fed them on micro chips,
Liver and ingan,

The pair o them thocht
That their diet was mingin.

Syne the parrot gaed doitit
The cat drapped doon deid,
An the cat's noo a hat
On the auld wifie's heid."

                 Lydia Robb

Humpty Dumpty sat on a waw.  
Of course he should niver hae been there at aw!
If he'd heeded his mither, cam doon when she wanted, 
He widna hae gotten his heid sair dunted.
                                            Margaret Tollick (p11)

And a little ditty of my own:

There wis a wee trooper fae Fife 
Who liked tae tell tales fu o life.
She started off sma,
Saying nuthin much at a’,
Made a difference from being a hoosewife. 

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