Tuesday, 4 December 2012

making membership easy

A fast sequel to the Hamlet blog post.  

I really do think that national user led groups should make it easy for folk to become members.  Otherwise they are doing themselves and the user movement in mental health a big disfavour.  If you make it difficult then it becomes an exclusive club where only certain members are welcome.  This is not what it's supposed to be about.  

The members don't all have to agree, in fact it's much more healthy if there is disagreement or debate, in my opinion.  Then a true consensus can be arrived at.  Or at least a majority view.  After a bit of discussion and an airing of facts, opinions and experiences.

So let's make it easy to join up, for people to come back in again, an open door policy, and then we can become a strong user/survivor movementBringing about real change and improvements to psychiatric/mental health services.  It's definitely needed and not before time.

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