Thursday, 13 December 2012

past the sell-by date, time to climb down

I've been reflecting on these folk who head up organisations and have done so for a while, and it's time for them to move on but they won't.  You know the sort of thing.  They're enjoying the power too much, the conflicts of interest can't be ignored, there are those more capable in the wings waiting.  But they are determined to hold on to their position and influence.

And there are others who would also lose out if they stood down.  Co-conspirators or favoured ones.  Who prefer the current regime to any proposed future configuration where they might not be so well placed.  Especially if the hierarchy was demolished and a real democratic process established.  Where every voice could be heard and weighted equally.

It's a kind of arrogance where the person in power thinks that no-one else could do the job as well as they could.  No-one else has the contacts they have, and the years of experience.  When in fact a fresh pair of eyes and a flexible attitude could be the catalyst for real positive change in the organisation.  Giving birth to new ideas and opportunities to challenge the status quo.  

I think that in mental health user led organisations there has to be continual leadership change so that human rights issues in psychiatric care can be raised and challenged.  So that user led groups don't become government lackeys.  So that members are listened to and are involved.  Not just a token participation and tick box exercise.  But a force for good, so that fairness and justice prevail.

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