Wednesday, 23 January 2013

cracking open a nut

You know how sometimes it can be very difficult to crack open a nut?  The hard ones require the use of a nutcracker.  To force open the shell and get into it.  Well I think this is what it can sometimes be like in the world of mental health and psychiatry.  Where the nuts are difficult to reach and it requires a nutcracker and a certain amount of skill and lived experience.  Of cracking nuts.

In the real world of nuts eg hazlenut, walnut, peanut, we know by the shell what sort of nut is inside.  But in the mental health world we're not always aware of the nut until we start using the nutcracker.  When we can be in for a big surprise, if not prepared.  Pressure applied produces resistance until we find the crack in the shell.

Except for peanuts I always buy my nuts deshelled from the supermarket, in plastic bags.  It's much easier than trying to work a nutcracker.  For I'm not an expert in it.  However the mental health world is a different matter.  I've got over 40yrs of working with the metaphorical 'nuts', and I'm not meaning the mad people.  

Who aren't nuts at all, to my mind.  It's the other 'nuts', the ones who think they are secure within their shells and safe from the 'nutcrackers'.  And we don't need a sledgehammer to crack a nut.  The real nuts know the score, that they are always at risk from the nutcrackers.  For the shells are only a temporary protection, whatever type of nut you are.

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