Wednesday, 2 January 2013

new buildings, old ways?

A short polemic post about the problems of institutionalised psychiatric nursing staff and the promise of new build wards.  I have concerns that the old ways and behaviours will continue despite the new surroundings.  For it's so easy just to do what they've always done.  Restrain, seclude and forcibly treat.  

The transformation of practice and performance will require a comprehensive and thorough retraining of staff, a cultural revolution.  To uproot and clear the ground of dehumanising techniques, actions and thought processes.  So that staff see patients as people worthy of respect, care and person-centred treatment.

A revolution of sorts.  Some will not be capable of changing.  They won't want to, they liked it better in the old regime.  Others will struggle to maintain a compassionate stance, having lost the knack.  But many (I hope) will be glad of the release, to be human and real.  Given the resources and tools to do the job properly.

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