Monday, 21 January 2013

psychiatric drugs cause psychosis, let's find alternatives for human distress

The problem with pumping a person full of psychiatric drugs is that it causes psychosis.  I can say this from recent experience.  Not personal.  As if the aim is to lessen a person's emotional and mental distress by taking them into a psychosis.  From which they will have to find their own way out.  It can't be ideal.

When I had psychoses, on three different occasions, the main trigger was hormonal, after childbirth and at the menopause.  Although there were other stressors the tipping point was to do with being a woman.  However the anti-psychotics (chlorpromazine and risperidone) quickly brought me out of the psychosis into a depression.  Much worse for me.  For I'd rather be in cloud cuckoo land than down in the depths.

It's way beyond time that we came up with alternative ways of working with people in mental distress, crisis and psychoses.  The sledgehammer effect can't be the best, can it?  Or is it more about punishing the sensitive among us for feeling things more than the normal folk?  I can't get my head around this.  Why our distress is seen as weakness or biological or pathological.  

It's only human to feel sad or distressed or elated or pressured.  A normal reaction to a mad world and crazy things happening outwith our control.  But don't compound it by drugging us senseless or locking us up with other mad people, many of them paid to be there.  It's not a solution and costs more in the long term.  Financially and emotionally.  

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