Wednesday, 16 January 2013

severe and enduring mental illness becomes psychological interventions in psychosis

Heard today, in an FOI response, that clinical psychology in Fife has renamed their service SEMI, severe and enduring mental illness, to PiP, Psychological Interventions in Psychosis.  Which is a step in the right direction, in terms of de-stigmatising mental distress and the problems of living.

However I'm now looking for the rest of clinical practice in Fife's psychiatric and mental health services to also bin the label.  It makes sense to give everyone the same opportunities for recovery and restoration, of a full and enjoyable life, as much as possible.  Where psychosis doesn't mean lifelong mental illness but a journey or transition, from one place to another.

The movement to investigate or deconstruct the schizophrenia label is to my mind another sensible action.  Too many of us were given these labels indelibly and sidelined or sidetracked.  Into a less than equal service or chance of getting back on with stuff.  We might have wanted a bit of escape but, for me, not a lifetime of it.  Just a respite period and time to take breath in a busy life.  

I'm looking forward to our 'Making Sense of Psychosis' conference in May at the Dundee University Fife campus in Kirkcaldy.  Colleagues from the mental health nursing programme are working with me on this.  It's great to be in partnership and to share resources.  And shows that you can speak out and challenge but still be accepted.  So go for it!

[update: conference didn't happen due to slow bookings]

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