Thursday, 1 November 2012

reinforcing stigma

I have a problem with anti-stigma campaigns that are too nice or only scrape the surface of what it means to be stigmatised and discriminated against because of a mental illness label or psychiatric diagnosis.  I think there is a danger of reinforcing stigma. And have seen this happen in local projects that are tasked with challenging stigma.  

Using labels and diagnoses in the guise of information they think they are doing us a favour. Highlighting the differences between them and us. The rest of society and us service users.  Normal and mad.  The truth is that the dividing line

Some of us don't accept the labels thrust upon us in the midst of mental distress.  When for the sake of peace we have gone along with the biomedical model.  Waiting for a chance to escape from the psychiatric ties that bind us.  And the sticky labels that are impossible to remove. 

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